September 6, 2008, 9:54 pm
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Welcome to @rchitecutre, a digital forum that will allow us to easily share images, discuss class topics, and increase our overall knowledge of the built environment and the design profession. As we roll through the semester I will continuously post images, comments, and news articles that relate to conversations we’ve had, or I think you might find interesting. I encourage you to respond with comments and posts of your own, as this is a way to progress our ideas between classes.

On the left side of the Blog I’ve posted a number of links. They are a good overview of what’s going on within and around the world of art and architecture, and excellent resources that will compliment the library when you hit a mental block. I recommend checking them out as a way to stay connected to the design world and a way to further build your architectural vocabulary. In addition is a list of readings that have been assigned for the design principles class and a calendar that will hopefully highlight important dates like reviews and lectures.

I am thoroughly looking forward to our semester together and can’t wait to dive into thing.

Enjoy the Blog and see you next Tuesday!



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Hey Mike,
I love the page! I’m in midst of homework, and need to take a breather. I don’t know if anyone had the same question but I’ll throw it out there… Is it ok if I move the objects around in my still life? I can only draw so much negative space, I’d like to practice on it and moving them around helps me to see different shapes. Just wondering. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and good class last week :o)


P.S. After drawing 27 drawings I realized how bad I am at it. I know practice makes perfect but will my drawing improve?

Comment by Kate DeLucia

I would encourage you to not move the objects when you are doing this exercise. Really explore and experiment the ways in which you can represent the space between. Just because you feel you can’t see it any differently, try and represent it differently and see how that then changes your perception of it. as a start, try different shading techniques (cross hatching, single lines, stippling (dots). After you have exhausted those and the rest of the assignment go back and start again, this time with a different still life.

And yes your drawing will improve 10fold. As you begin to sketch daily, your hand-eye coordination will improve and with that your drawing skills.

Comment by mschur

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